Today is day…6 of my dolly wait. Made my order on June 1st, but the payment was only confirmed on the 2nd. =.=”

I hate the whole waiting game. 🙁 Luckily today I wasn’t as obsessive as the first few days. Barely checked my email and the only thing I had to refresh most of the time was the website cos I had to ask them something regarding my order. I saw that they had the black wig in stock and I would rather get that as my temporary wig rather than the blond one. ( I somehow wasn’t feeling it. :S)

Gotta rush the remaining “balance” of my assignments before Friday. After my last assessment on Saturday, I’m FREE! For a while at least. Will get cracking on the drafting homework. T_T At least that’s a little simpler.

The S.O’s parents are thinking of another trip in August. I so wanna go, but I’ll be in the middle of classes then. 🙁 Also, I’ll be interning soon too. I’m afraid. XD *sigh*