Lee Min Ho is coming to town!

Omg omg omg~! *goes crazy fan girl mode*

Lee Min Ho oppa is coming to town. 😀 I wanna go and scream, (in my heart) “Min-Ho oppa, saranghe~!” <3<3

For those who are pretty oblivious to what I’m talking about, let me explain.


This is Lee Min Ho, who was recently in the drama Boys Before Flower (korean version). He’s the hottie who played the lead character, Gu Jun Pyo. Honestly, I’ve seen all the live action adaptation to BBF as well as read the manga. Nuts, I know. I first caught the Taiwan version, Meteor Garden a long long time ago. Never quite got to the second season cos CDs were insanely priced then. Then came the Japanese version, starring Matsumoto Jun.

I think both Matsumoto Jun and Min Ho did a good job portraying the characters. Can’t really remember the Taiwanese version, so I’ll leave it as that. I’m so exited!!!

From what I gathered, he’s gonna be here in Malaysia to promote Etude House which is a cosmetic brand. 🙂 I do hope to catch him. 😀 The S.O will probably be tagging along. I’m so glad he doesn’t mind a crazy fan girl like me. XD It’s been a while since I’ve done the whole groupie thing anyway. I think the last event I actually went to was…*thinks*

The Moffatts. hahahahahah. =.=”

Meh, I need to do some shopping for my projects anyway. Mwahaha..an excuse. *shining eyes*

Oh! On a random note, Yakult is so f*cking addictive! I drank 5 bottles in less than an hour of when I bought it yesterday. :O Now I’ve had one. Trying to ratio my remaining 4 bottles. 🙁