Out of breath

So much to do, so little time. I am incredibly BUSY from now till…the rest of my life!

Haha, nah… probably till April 2010 BUT busy none the less. I’ve got a wedding to attend in December. Shit! This makes me feel old. I mean, everyone around me is either getting married or popping kids!

I also need to plan for my holiday in December. Else, I’d be sitting at home going on and on about how I need a break away from it all. I wanna see places and new faces. 😀 Bangkok might be in the cards.

I’m also hoping to drop by Singapore for the Anime convention which is happening sometime in November. Yes, I’m a geek. I happen to like anime, though not mecha. I’m your typical rom-com fool. 🙂 Though, don’t get your hopes up cos even though I do like the occasional anime, I’m not obsessive like some people. I think the only mecha type anime I really enjoyed was Full Metal Panic.

I’ve got tons of work to complete before I do any of these stuff though. Turns out, my fashion show’s gonna be pushed forward. T_T Just means we’ve gotta work fast. Mid December spells end of term for us and honestly, I didn’t feel the sense of urgency until I started writing this entry.

*insert random curse word*

I just hope that I’d still get my break for Chinese New Year. I feel bad for my mom. She comes home 2 times a year to see the bro and I, but yet, out of the week she’s here, I probably only see her like, 3 times. So yea, I need to plan out my CNY too.

Gotta make a prom dress too. 😀 Am excited about that and no, it’s not for myself. Won’t go too much into detail cos it might just jinx the whole thing. I’m superstitious like that. =.=”

Gah! Want my holiday. Want to not think of college work. Sometimes I wish Doraemon was real and that I could steal his Doko-Demo Door and that time travelling device.