I heard the postman earlier and rushed downstairs to get the mail (since he honked his horn, I assumed it was a large package) but was only handed a bunch or regular mails (and one which I had to sign for. :S)

Amongst them was a mail from my college. Shit! I thought to myself, praying that it wasn’t what it seems to be.

Tore it open, and there it was, staring me right in the face, my college fees. =.=” How glorious.

RM 9380…300 for Graduation fees. O.O! What? Graduation fees? It’s only my 5th semester!

And another kicker, got my results from semester 3 & 4 too. I didn’t do too shabby, BUT! it’s stated that I never sat for my Pengajian Malaysia exam. WTF? I have no marks for it, how is that possible?!

So seriously screwed up. :S Because of that, my semester 3 GPA scores were low. >:( Gonna have to go complain about this. Grrrr….