Take me to the fair

I woke up this morning with an incredibly weird dream. (partial nightmare, perhaps?)

I was in a place which had trap doors and spiralling staircases. Not to mention that once you go in, you cant get out. Someone else was in the dream with me but I don’t know who. -.-” I remember we found an escape route at the end of the fair grounds but guarding it was this purple mechanical bull!

We did escape in the end, but we were soon caught again. :S Another part I remembered was this dark room that leads into the toilet. No one dared to go in, cos once you stepped into the dark area, a long tentacle would grab you and make you its food! O.O

Maybe I shouldn’t go to bed on an empty stomach again. I think it’s my stomach’s way of telling me that if I let it starve, I’ll have to feel my brain’s fury. =.=”