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I only had one comment on who would like to see moar Bjds here on this blog. 🙁 *is sad*

Nevermind, as long as there’s a willing person. Wahahaha.

So last night I finished the mini hat for Haku. He looks happy, or is it a smirk?

Haku smirking

3/4 profile

So, what do you think? 😀

ari geek diy randoms

Random knitting project

Took a break from doing my assignments yesterday and ended up knitting something fairly random. Knitting is something fun to do and I was extremely excited in starting a mini project. I knitted a scarf.

Not just any scarf, mind you. A scarf for BJDs. 😀 Since I didn’t own any at the moment, I decided to knit one for Azure (Jin’s little boy). Funnily enough, I decided on a blue yarn before I knew it was Azure’s favourite color. :3 Took me a while to knit it and as I went along, I kinda got bored of the whole repetitive-ness of it and my hands started cramping up. =.=” But it’s finished!

I’m pretty proud of myself. *super proud* It’s a little messed up, but I guess it isn’t all that obvious. (I hope). So without stalling any further, here are the pictures of the finished product. I think Mr. Resin Head looks dashing in it. 😉

Mr. Resin Head

For some odd reason, he seems a little temperamental. 🙁 Think it’s cos he’s been stuck in the box for too long.

I see a little smile

Okay. So that’s it for my little project. 🙂 Am gonna try to learn how to make a sweater next. 😀

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Knitting up a storm

Okay. Knitting is ADDICTIVE!

I can’t seem to stop knitting, which is a good thing I suppose, because then I’m able to finish of my class assignment. Yay!

Contrary to popular belief that knitting is for the oldies, I’ve seen men (even young boys) knitting. It’s a weird sight, but still. It’s not limited to just one age or gender category. Besides, I find that knitting can sometimes be relaxing and it gives your idle hands something to do. Especially during times which you have to wait ( traffic jam = wait, queuing = wait, waiting for mom/dad/sibling/bf/gf = wait again). Get the picture?

Anyway, I’ve got my new baby! Yes! No more reciting Blackberry mantras! Downside, I don’t have the Blackberry plan. So I can’t do stuff like BBM (Blackberry messenger), check emails, surf the net… 🙁 Wait, maybe I can still surf the net, with the home wifi. =.=” Defeats the purpose of actually getting the BB, but oh well, one step forward, two steps back.

BUT, I am very happy. It’s my birthday present from the S.O and my brother. And I can always get the plan later, when I start my internship cos I foresee a lot of messaging and checking of emails, and making calls. Then, the plan would come in handy. The S.O thinks that getting the plan for me at the moment kinda makes no sense since I’m on RM 30 prepaid, and I barely use it all. Maybe I should start making more calls? 😛

It’s the Blackberry 9700 aka BB Bold II. I’m not using it at the moment because I want to get a screen protector first, and a nice looking cover to protect the phone. This is my most expensive phone to date so of course I would wanna “jaga” it a little. Plus, the S.O wants me to read the manual before actually using it. :S