I got my resin doll head~

Got it from Jin who wanted to sell this head off. Plus, she threw in a wig and two 16mm acrylic eyes. How awesome is that? 😀

He’s a doll head, currently unnamed as well. I dunno, I just can’t seem to name my heads cos I feel that they’re incomplete. :O Also, he’s a LUTS Summery event ’09 head that fits on a senior delf or any 60cm body.

Are two heads better than one?

The resin head is much heavier than the vinyl head. I was shaking when I took him out of the box cos I didn’t want to ruin him. XD Mr. Resin Head also has deeper features compared to the vinyl head. He has cute little protruding ears!!! And pouty lips. :3

Vinyl Head’s a little chubbier around the cheeks whereas Resin Head is slimmer (very much like an anime head). But the one feature I really liked for Vinyl Head was the fact that it already had a built in holder for the eyes. Resin Head doesn’t, so you’ll need to have putty to hold them in place.

Oh hai!

After taking a good look at the two, I definitely prefer the resin head. *sorry, Vinny!* But I also realized another thing, it’s actually harder to do a face up on Resin Head rather than Vinyl Head. I’ve already done the required spray of Mr. Super Clear (MSC), but still it doesn’t quite stick as well as the Vinyl. Got kinda lazy in doing the whole layering of MSC after each detailing for faceup cos it requires me to spray in the toilet. (too lazy to go outside. :S) So I wanted to keep the spraying to a minimum.

Anyway, so I did a very random faceup for Resin Head. I was too excited and couldn’t wait to get home from college so I could play around with him. XD

Blue eyed boy

Faceup is not very visible here due to the lighting as well as the fact that there’s only one coat there. 😛 I kinda like these eyes on him. He’s got the innocent, pale faced looking going on. 😛

This is Resin Head trying on the 18mm green acrylic eyes. They are a little bit bigger, but I dunno. It kinda makes him look mysterious and sexy. Haha. 😀

Green eyed boy

I shall leave you with a picture of Vinyl Head going, “ore?”

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  1. Heee I’m so happy to see he’s being loved at your home!
    HOMG the comparison shot, Why does he look so skinny compared to Vinny ^^;;;
    I love how you do lips, so pretty *A*
    Ahh I think the reason why its kinda hard for the color to stick on him is because of the MSC you’re using? I recommend MSC flat, its alot easier for it to stick mm!

  2. @Jin: Haha, I know right? The difference is HUGE! I don’t regret getting the resin head one bit. <3 The lips didn't really show up (or mebe I couldn't see) since I was doing this in my room which has yellow light. 🙁

    Ahh... I currently have MSC Semi Gloss & Gloss. 🙁 Couldn't find the Matte type. But no worries. I guess I have to pile on the MSC each time I wanna do faceup. XD Can't wait to get a body~!!!!!! How much would a "used" body cost, you think? But I also want a MSD. XD

  3. Ahh, cos the gloss makes the head shiny, which looks abit odd when exposed to lighting, so using MSC Flat is the best way to go xD Hmmm….it really depends on what type of body you are looking for. Even for a second hand body it will cost you quite alot, I recommend looking for resin matches/proportion matches on Den of Angels, I am sure they have alternatives other than a Senior Delf body :D’

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