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Good day my pretties.

I know I haven’t exactly been a good blogger, but what can I do when I was up till my eyeballs in work. =.=”

Anyway, it’s FINALLY OVER! 3 whole months (okay la, only 1 month) of preparation and going insane (from sewing) finally boiled down to one night – and sadly, it was a night I couldn’t remember. Maybe it was because of all the exhaustion that I couldn’t really enjoy myself. I only had 3 hours of sleep prior to the fashion show. Some barely slept at all. o.O

May I present to you, my illustrations for the fashion show. My group was required to create 2 garments (avant garde & evening wear) where as the senior group did ready to wear.

Evening wear

Avant Garde

We also had to make our own heels to go with our garments. I love the shoe, but too bad it isn’t in my size. 🙁 The models average shoe sizes are 8 or 9. I’m only a 5. These are 5 inch heels with hidden platform.

5" heels

My classmate Nazwa, who is from Maldives, together with our two juniors Karyna & Vicky. Can’t remember if this was before or after judging – at the Green room.

For our show, we had the juniors help us backstage. Below is Aam and Nadiah. Aam was helping Nadiah as a dresser for the night.

We were bored. So we snapped pictures. This is Dayana. Sue Jean was sitting beside Dayana and she’s not in the picture cos she wasn’t feeling well. 🙁

Something funny happened that night. Nelly ( a classmate) and I had some sort of “connection” that somehow or rather, we ended up in the same shade of blue dress, a white belt and black gladiator heels. Thank goodness I didn’t have red hair and wasn’t wearing blue eyeshadow. LoL. Else, someone might have mistaken us as promoters or something. =.=”

My evening dress modeled by Dawn, together with my two assistants, Felicia and Kelvin. Incidentally, Kelvin is a year younger than I am, plus we both share the same surname too!

My avant garde dress modeled by Weena. She’s nice. 🙂

So yea. This is over and done with. Bring on the normal classes and homework. =.=! We’re already wayyyyyyy behind in class because of this project. I guess the next fashion show for me would be either my graduation work or maybe the Singapore Fashion Week. 😀


  1. Wow! they look lovely and you had to make your own heels? that is so cool! wait, as in by hand, cobler with tiny elves style ? ;p

  2. Glo-w: No la. We designed them and had them made by a proper shoe maker/designer. 🙂 It’s also part of our coursework.

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