I love getting stuff in the mail

Yay! I came downstairs this morning and saw a huge package sitting on top of the stacks of letters. It made me realize how much I miss getting stuff in the mail. All that excitement and anticipation…

Anyway, back to what I got. I got this cool looking jacket from an online blogshop. Now, I’m the kind who would buy whatever I think is nice, so I don’t really follow trends. If possible, I would like to avoid them at all cost cos I don’t want 10 other people looking like me! Plus, I’ve been telling myself that I should really get into the habit of dressing up a bit for college. So, I’m slowly revamping my wardrobe. 😀

picture from White Circus
picture from White Circus

One of my new loves. 😀 I love the whole structure of the jacket and those shoulders! Those shoulders had me sold. I wanted it in grey, but they were out. 🙁 But white is as nice, though I’m gonna have to be EXTRA careful, since I don’t have a very good track record at keeping my whites, white. =.=”

It reminds me of my other jacket, the one which I got from Chic Pop bazaar, though this is thinner and comes with a leopard printed lining. The quality of the jacket seems pretty good, and it has metal cast buttons. I might wanna just reinforce the buttons just in case.

The shoulders however are a little bit soft. I thought that it might be a little harder so it would maintain its “Look-at-my-shoulders!” structure, but it doesn’t, without a little help of puffing them up from time to time. And although they fit me, it’s a little snug around the chest. 🙁 My ribs are big.

All in all, I really love it and would definitely buy from them again. If I do see something which catches my eyes. 🙂 But bear in mind, if you really love something you see on their site, don’t think, just grab cos it may not be there tomoro. ( I had the whole weekend to think about the grey version and it’s gone. 🙁 )

Haven’t been much of a cam-whore so no pictures of the jacket. But will definitely put it up when I do decide to play dress up. 😀 So much work to do, so little time. Ahhh… the life of a procrastinator.

Happy Hump Day.


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