I iz in Penang Part 1

Yes, as the title states, I’m in Penang for the weekend to attend a friend’s wedding.

Today is day 1 and boy am I tired. I had 4 guys in the car with me (inclusive of the S.O, who was the designated driver) and it took us about 5 hours to arrive at the mainland. Kinda dozed off a bit while in the car. Long journeys are tiring, and no matter how much I wanted to stay awake for the whole ride, I couldn’t. So I guess I took a 10 minute power nap. XD

We’re staying in the same hotel which the dinner would be at. So far, I think the place is a tad confusing. The room the S.O and I got has a queen sized bed and a shower. Room is alright I guess. Not the smallest I’ve been in. The shower’s kinda bad though. Even though they have a water heater, the shower head used was your standard non adjustable kind, so the water just sprays out all over, and that makes the water cold. 🙁

All we’ve been doing since we arrived was eating. We headed to the island after checking in, and then went on a food fest. Met up with a friend of a friend, whose parents were kind enough to show us where some of the nice food spots were. 😀 Thank you, Aunty & Uncle!

Did some mall hopping as well. From Queensbay Mall, Gurney Plaza then finally we went to Batu Feringghi to check out the beach. We couldn’t see anything though, cos it was dark. 🙁 So yea, tomoro we’re probably gonna attend the morning tea ceremony and later hang out for a bit. I need to get some work done. -.-” More updates tomoro.