I iz in Penang Part 2

Day 2 of our trip consists of more food hunting. Our goal – to find the famous asam laksa & cendol place.

Had breakfast at the hotel before heading over to the “bridal suite” for the morning ceremony. All I can say is, the hotel food was kinda bad. Bad, but still edible. =.=”Anyway, the bride’s “chee muis” (girlfriends) had to prepare some games/obstacles for the groom and his “heng tais” (buddies/brothers) before they can actually fetch the bride.

1st obstacle, Ben (the groom) had to eat some dried fish snacks which were tied up to form a meter long string. 2nd obstacle was to get 2 people out of the “band of brothers” to eat a banana off another two guys. And the bananas were tied to the waist. XD I’ll let you guys imagine it since I couldn’t take any pictures. The 3rd game they had prepared was to fish out letters that spelt “Ben luvs Gloria”. It was written on tiny shells and placed in a bucket filled with water.

After another game of professing his love, the groom’s side were all eager in getting the door open and were all shouting. I wonder if we scared the neighbors. XD Didn’t really see what happened after they managed to push their way into the room cos it was way too crowded. But I know that the groom had to present tea to the bride’s family members.

After all that, we followed the bridal party back to the groom’s side in Kulim, Kedah. I think we had a convoy of almost 10 cars. 😀 Funnily enough, they had to arrive after 11am but I’ve always thought that they had to arrive at 11am sharp. *shrug* Don’t really know what’s all that about. Same thing, bride and groom had to serve tea to the groom’s family.

When all that ended, the 5 of us, plus another 2 girls decided to hit the island to search for the elusive Asam Laksa stall. Didn’t find it, but what we found was this other shop which had awesome “Char Kuey Teow” & “Popiah”. No, it’s not Sisters on McAllister road, but on Jalan Penang. Name of the shop was Kok something, gotta ask the S.O.

Later, we crossed the road via the Pedestrian Bridge to get to the place which sold yummy cendol. It was then only we realized that it was the same shop which had the asam laksa! But no, we didn’t have that cos the cendol filled the empty space in my tummy. 🙁 But it was a satisfying meal. 😀

The wedding dinner was so happening. Food was better than what they served for breakfast (Thank God!) but I think the highlight of the night were the live performers. These two uncles were probably in their 60’s – 70’s, and performed a range of oldies. The happening factor of all this, they also performed some of the most updated tunes as well albeit singing it their own way.

Imagine this, a 70 year old uncle singing Pitbull’s ” I know you want me” and Jay Sean’s “Down”. How cool’s that?! They also sang “Who let the dogs out” by the Baha Men. XD They’re so up to date. 😀