Sun Dei!

Okay, lame title, I know.

My morning was spent lying around in bed, trying to finish the latest Nicholas Sparks’ book titled The Last Song. I think this is probably one of my favourite book, besides A walk to Remember. And it’s now going to be turned into a movie starring Miley Cyrus. Hope the movie will be as good as the book. 🙂

Then later on, the S.O and I headed over to 1 Utama for lunch at Dave’s Deli. I’ve been craving for lasagna for the longest time. We wanted to catch a movie, but tickets were selling fast and the next show was at 5 something. We didn’t want to wait that long. :S So we headed home and decided to watch The Time Traveler’s Wife.

So yes, I’ve finally seen it. Honestly, I think they did a great job with the movie even though there were some missing parts here and there. The movie made it less complicated ( the whole time travelling thing can get a little confusing sometimes) and although some scenes were changed a little, I don’t think it really mattered because it was still understood.

The book was sad, the movie was sad and now I’m gonna watch another sad movie called Hachiko. It’s the story of an extremely loyal dog who would wait for its master to come home, even after his masters’ death. Today is a day to cuddle with your loved ones and shed a few tears over a sad movie. Even the sky is crying at the moment, heavily I might add. :S