Working meat

The S.O and I went out to Meatworks last night to celebrate a friend’s birthday. It’s somewhere in Solaris and it was my first time there. I like the whole ambiance of the place – very white, minimalist I would say. Their menu is mostly beef, but they do have lamb, chicken, duck and fish.

Hawk (the birthday boy) and the S.O had the beef. I think it was Ribeye and Sirloin. I had their Portabello Burger where as our other friend, ToOt had the duck since she wasn’t a fan of beef. We also ordered some bread, which was HEAVENLY! I thought it would be rock hard, but instead, it was so incredibly warm and fluffy; like marshmallow. Good bread indeed. It comes with tomato puree and cheese cubes.

The S.O and I also had their French Onion Soup where as Hawk tried their Wild Mushroom Soup. The French onion soup was yummy, though my only complain was that it wasn’t pipping hot when I got it. More like lukewarm. 🙁 So I had to get them to reheat it for me. After having the onion soup, the Mushroom one tasted bland to me. 🙁

I ordered my Portabello Burger medium rare, which I think was a mistake. It was still pretty rare when I cut through the meat, but in the end, I didn’t really finish it. I probably had to much soup. There was only a small piece of Portabello mushroom on the burger. But I did ask for additional burger toppings for RM 3 each. I had a fried egg and some beef bacon strips. The burger itself was priced at RM 24.

ToOt’s grilled duck was apparently too tough. It got even harder after it got cold. She was dissapointed. We shared a chocolate mousse for dessert. If you asked me, I probably won’t go back, but then again I’m not exactly an expert on meat. I’ve actually tried a cheaper and yummier option, so yea. I would however, go back for their bread and the environment.