Just got home from the Youreka! Finale Party by Yahoo.

Omg! I need to rant for a while. Initially, the party was suppose to be at CapSquare and we were not informed that the venue has been changed to KL Live. We (the S.O and I) only figured it out when we arrived at CapSquare, looking for signs indicating there’s a Yahoo event going on.

But noooooooo, no signs, nada.

So, we asked the Information counter. The dude handed us a flyer and mentioned that the event had been moved. I asked him where on earth KL Live was and he mentioned that it was near the Bukit Bintang MRT station. Oh boy, he was wrong. Luckily I called a friend to “google” the place for me. The nearest MRT was not Bukit Bintang, but Raja Chulan. Annnnddd… it was on Jalan Sultan Ismail.

Was feeling a bit tulan cos before that, we were stuck in a jam since 6pm and only arrived at CapSquare at 8pm. Paid RM 2 for parking even though we were only there for 16 minutes trying to locate the event. Then spent another 15 minutes circling the area, missing the 1st parking entrance and needing to make another round. Discovered that the parking fee of the place was an insane RM 9 (from 6pm – 6am). Yahoo could have saved us from this agonizing run-about if they’d at least sent an update on the change in venue. 🙁

Buuuutttt…. the S.O and I got some freebies and had no luck with the purple tag. Really, does it even exist? Has anyone actually picked out a purple tag? So disappointed.

We stayed for Bunkface’s performance since they were the opening act. I think they’ve found themselves a new fan. 😀 Saw Justin Yap (designer) at the event as well. Didn’t say hi cos I was shy. -.-” Plus I don’t think he remembers me. Left after that cos we were hungry. Had TGIF for dinner and the service was a little bit slow. 🙁 I tried their sizzling chicken and cheese and thought it was an interesting meal. S.O had the fish & chips.

No pictures from me cos I wasn’t in the mood to whip out the camera. The S.O took some pictures of the event though. Click here for pictures.