Winter tips

I realized that a lot of people are looking at my winter wear post.

Well, while I was in China, I barely used some of the stuff I bought. =.=” And instead got more stuff while I was there.

I didn’t use the beanie and gloves which I bought from the winter wear store. Reason being, I had something else which protected my head and hands. Plus, I found the gloves incredibly bulky and I could hardly do anything with it on.

I would suggest that if you’re planning to travel to some place cold. Get thermal wear. It definitely helps a whole lot. And it’s best to get at least 2 pairs, unless you wanna wear the very same pair for the whole duration of your trip (and that could get icky). The problem with going to a country which is experiencing winter atm is not being able to buy ANY summer wear (or anything close to being summer wear. T_T) I was so looking forward to shopping for clothes too. 🙁

BUT! They do have REALLY cheap winter wears and it’s EVERYWHERE. So instead of getting your winter jacket (for RM 300++) here, you could try to get it elsewhere (unless the country you’re going to has a really high exchange rate). I’m only speaking for my experience in China during winter.

Plus, I didn’t really have to wear my bulky winter jacket most times cos it wasn’t really cold. It does get cold when it’s windy, but unless you don’t cover your important bits (ears, hands and neck) it shouldn’t be a problem just wearing something that has an inlay/lining of fleece. Oh! and get something that’s a little longer which covers your butt, just so you do get a cold ass. 😛

As for the gloves, just get a pair of leather gloves and make sure the wrist part is closed up and you’ll be fine. I bought a pair of faux leather ones from a shop in Shanghai for RM 40. Should have just got them here instead cos the quality is crap. :S Unless you’re gonna experience snow, then maybe the bulky one would be a better option. But I saw no snow. 🙁

They’re experiencing snow now. 🙁 Boo.

Get a nice thick scarf to cover your neck as well as covered shoes. I noticed that most people there were wearing Ugg boots (or some equivalent) and those looked really comfy. So yea, some tips for those traveling at the start of winter. 🙂