There are a lot of things that makes me annoyed, but to list them all would probably make me seem anal. So, I shall list the top 5 most annoying in no particular order.

#5  Those who go *insert annoying sucking sound*

You know how when you go to the mamak for your teh ais and roti and some a-hole decides to catch the waiter’s attention by doing that annoying sound?

Yea, I HATE that.

People, have some respect. Sure some of the waiters will choose to ignore you/pretend they don’t see you, so how does making that noise get you noticed? It just makes the hair on my arm stand. =.=” My brother does it in my presence sometimes and I usually hit him on the arm and proceed to lecture him about it.

#4 Childishness

There’s this one person I know who is damn kiasu. Shim (not revealing gender here) will expect you to chauffeur shim around whilst never asking you if you could in the first place. Shim is also very very temperamental. If Shim don’t get shim’s way, expect a bitch to come and out play (oh hey! It rhymes)

Shim always wants to be on top and isn’t afraid to step on a few heads to get there. No one likes Shim cos shim also likes to brag. Trust me, Shim will brag about anything and is always whining. Makes me wanna smack Shim most times. It’s gotten so annoying that I hardly talk to shim anymore.

Hello, you’re not 5 anymore. You can’t expect everything to go your way. Quit trying to put on airs and dry your fake tears cos no fairy-godmother is gonna come save you.

#3 Irresponsible F*cks

I’m the type of person who when handed a job to do, I will follow through. I don’t say yes then leave it lying around. The thing that irks me most is people who have no sense of urgency/importance. It may seem like a trivial matter, but really? How do you expect people to trust you if you’re unreliable and irresponsible?

I’m just saying this in general cos I have met tons of people who are like this. I do not want to be the one who has to clean up all the shit left behind. If you can’t be responsible, don’t say you can and will.

#2 People touching/taking my stuff

How would you like it if I touched your stuff without permission? If you’d ask me nicely, sure I might share but don’t go touching/taking my stuff.

What’s equally worst to this? Taking and not returning. I say do unto others as you you have other do unto you. If you borrow, return it to its rightful place. Things are getting expensive nowadays and you can’t expect to be replacing things every single time someone loses/don’t return it.

And my #1 most annoying thing on my list issss……


Please refer to this post and you’ll know why.


  1. Then you better not visiting my house cause my house has tons of lizards… lol Btw, lizards are not as annoying as cockroach. So I didn’t find them extremely annoying.

  2. Cockroaches are freaky! Especially when they start flying around the room… and they never die! (or at least, it takes effort to actually kill it). 0.o

    Maybe they’re not as memorable compared to almost eating a lizard. Hahah. 😛

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