I wanna, I wanna…

Edit: Videos uploaded.

Have more readership! Hahaha… just joking.

Just got back from Digi Music Live with All American Rejects! Pictures after the jump.

Got there around 6pm and the crowd was like this.



It kinda made me think twice about wanting to actually go in. There wasn’t a line nor anyone directing you to where the line actually started, so we kinda slipped in with whichever line there was. =.=” As usual, no cameras, umbrellas and water bottles allowed. But oddly enough, some people managed to sneak in their umbrellas! o.O

Our local bands Pop Shuvit, One Buck Short & Disagree opened the show. Not too bad, though I’m not familiar with our local indie music scene. All I know is Pop Shuvit is big in Japan. Honestly, I haven’t been to a concert since Linkin Park, so I’ve kinda forgotten how some of the crowds were like. I found the ones pushing and shoving to be the most annoying. I mean, they do it for fun and have no respect for the other concert goers who were standing nearby. And worst bit, they do it when the artistes are playing.

I don’t really go to concerts for the lack of ‘kakis’ as well as time. But since the tickets were free, and it was for AAR, so why not? 😀 So after waiting for almost 2 hours in the light rain, AAR came on stage and blew us all away. They played some familiar tunes like I Wanna, Move Along, Dirty Little Secret, Swing swing and it Ends tonight. Some others were probably their newer materials, though I was surprised that they didn’t play Gives you hell. (Unless I missed it cos I left after a while.) One other notable song was Mona Lisa (When the world comes down), which is from their latest album called When the world comes down.

Lead vocalist Tyson was also spotted wearing a Native American headdress cos it was Halloween. XD He’s a funny, eccentric fella and I think that helps a lot. I feel that for a band to be successful, you need to still connect with your fans and he did just that, by walking down to the front to serenade the tons of screaming fan girls and having millions of flashbulbs going off in his face at once. 😀 No only that, almost everyone knew all their songs. Even I sang along to a few…hehe.

All in all, concert was good but the organization of it all was bad. And please please please stop them rowdy kids from spoiling all the good fun. 🙁

ps: Look who I saw at the event. Jonathan. *waves* Also saw some other familiar faces such as Mike (forgot his blog url) and SmashPoP.


pps: My video files are too big. 🙁 So I’ll put them up once I get around to resizing them.


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