Stressed out

I think I have a problem.

When I get stressed out, I tend to munch. But only when I’m REALLY stressed out.

I bought 3 cookies from Subway today. Subway’s healthy, right? I kinda like their oatmeal & raisin cookie as well as their chocolate chip one. Coconut is meh. XP Gave the chocolate one to the S.O when he picked me up from college. Munched on my oatmeal cookie until I had the sudden urge to eat maggie mee.

WTF?! Of all things I felt like eating. =.=”

Then when I got home, I restrained myself from busting open a packet. But then I wanted to eat okonomiyaki. I need a better way to vent the stress. I probably should take up running on the treadmill again. Ugh~


I want some meat too! Ah, what I wouldn’t do for a chicken nugget or a double cheese burger right this instant.

Hash browns!

Need to stop thinking about food! Can’t seem to form coherent sentences anymore. Need to eat a little more healthy.

Okay, I’ll stop here. =.=