The Day Before Monday

I’m trying to get into the habit of blogging with pictures, cos everyone knows that text-only blogs are usually a bore. 😛

Didn’t do much this lazy Sunday. Woke up around 10am, showered, and got ready to head out the The Curve.

Needed to get supplies for class. I feel bad for the S.O cos he needs to fund my college supplies. But I’m very thankful for him. 😀

Had lunch at Paddington’s. Seems like they changed their menu. I actually love their thick pvc covered book, but it was too big on their small square tables. So, now the menus are thinner and narrow-er. And it’s probably not that hard to find the dish you want anymore. Didn’t really notice if any of their menus changed except the fact that they removed “Tokyo” off their list.

Full Monty



S.O and I had our usuals. For him, his favourite single latte and “Full Monty”. For myself, I had “California” and ice lemon tea. I think they probably re-numbered their items too.

After that, we headed over to Sun Mag (lower ground, Cineleisure Mall) to buy the magazines I needed for my classes. Meh, even if they’re back dated, they still cost around RM 14 for a book. 🙁 My feet were hurting from the 6 inch heels that I was wearing. I have 2 blisters on each feet! On the freaking balls of my FEET! I had to walk in a pretty awkward way and I could stand still, else my feet would feel like someone is stabbing me with needles. =.=”

Ahh… the things we do for fashion.

Went to Giant to buy mahjong paper, chinese ink, spray bottle and air freshener for the toilet. We don’t want any smell to escape now, do we? 😛 So yea, pretty lazy Sunday.