3rd time’s the charm

Funny, just after being featured on Tongue in Chic, we were featured again in News Straits Times. 🙂 I think it was the section called Streets and it was on the New Zone fashion show about a month back. =.=” I look horrible! I think the printing alignment went out of whack, so my face kinda looks distorted. 🙁 Found the link to the article here.

Just finished my fashion shoot for my other class assignment also. 😀 My model is so wonderful and is willing to do almost anything. Won’t put those pictures up just yet. It still needs some editing and I have yet to pick the best 3. But we had fun. Also, no one’s ever mentioned that you need to PAY RM 50 just to take pictures at the Heritage Hotel in KL. (Above the KTM station) They did give us a room to prep ourselves, but it was kinda scary. o.O It had a weird (unfinished) painting of a girl on the wall, and the room looked a tad dodgy.

The whole place looked pretty old as well. One thing I liked was the old elevator. It’s scary, yet it’s so intriguing. There were a lot of people there today, so we didn’t get a shot in front of the elevator. Kinda paiseh. 😛 Now, bring forth the 70’s show!


    • Haha… all thanks to my hardworking lecturer who’s always on hand to promote us… even if sometimes these promotion means having us work like work-horses. 😛

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