Had the crappiest day today. But it all went away when I got home. 🙂

Tried to make Aki a little happier by finally doing her face up. Couldn’t do much with the mouth staining, though. So I guess she’s gonna have to try to work it. LoL.

Aki with new faceup

Sometimes I think she has a naughty side she’s not showing. =.= And that was not done on purpose, by the way. I just got lazy to fix it. Maybe I’ll let her wear her party dress. 😀

Aki & Mr. Resin Head

Aki looks a little happier in this picture. 😀 I think she’s attached to him, but he’s not interested. I did her faceup using an angled makeup brush and a size 0 pointed brush. Also, everything is painted on with soft pastels. Even her “eyelashes”. Quite happy with the outcome of the eyes, but am still too distracted by her mouth. 🙁

"Whatchu lookin' at?"

This picture made me laugh a little cos Resin Head looks really annoyed. XD I think I’m gonna stick with the semi-gloss MSC for now. It costed RM34, so I’m gonna make most of it before looking around for the matte MSC. Unless you know of a place that sells them cheap. 🙂

I can’t help but keep going back to the LUTS site to look at the BORY. Need to start saving if I wanna get him before the year ends. 🙁 Donations, anyone?

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