All I want for Christmas…

I know it’s a wee bit early to be thinking about Christmas, but hey, it IS the 1st of December anyway. 🙂 I’ve been lemming for a lot of things, such as new clothes and such. A girl can never have too many clothes and shoes. 🙂 That is a fact. 😀

Anyway, here’s my wishlist for Christmas. 😛 It’s unlikely I’ll get any of these, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

#1 Blackberry Bold 9700

– I’ve been wanting this since forever! (well, not really forever…haha) Plus, I think my Sony Ericsson z610i is dying on me. For starters, I can’t seem to hear my phone ring anymore and I have an incredibly noisy & hard to miss ringtone. (Lonely In Gorgeous by Tommy February)

#2 Money to shop

– I would actually like to specifically say clothes and shoes, but different people have different tastes. So, unless you know me really well, it might be a little hard to shop for clothes I might like. Shoes… well, there’s a Chinese saying that if you bought shoes for someone, you’re asking them to go far far away. =.=” So yes, money to shop. 😀

#3 Books/Romance Novels

– I like books by Johanna Lindsey, especially about the Malory clan. 😀 But any of her books will do. I have quite a number in collection. Hahaha, but since Romance novels are so expensive and I read REALLY fast, I haven’t really bought anything new to read in a while.

#4 A new laptop

– Apparently electronics such as laptops are not meant to be used for too long. 5 years max, although my lecturer told me it was 3. XD Whatever the case, Big Mac is already about 3 and a half years old. I won’t say he’s dying on me just yet, but he’s constantly on life support. =.=” I would like a Mac Book Pro please! *shiny eyes*

#5 Rings

– Not a wedding ring, doh. But any unique looking rings such as my sphinx and “tree”. Probably anything which makes its own statement will do. 🙂

# 6 Random cute stuff

– I’m a sucker for things in cute packaging. I like things which are unique, but usually unique things would costs an arm or a leg. =.=” Be it cute animal 3D stickers or colored buttons of many sizes. Art Friend and Craft Haven can be my second home. I just enjoy browsing around the aisle, discovering cool stuff. 😀 Like the red wax and seal! Omg, I want that!

# 7 Makeup

– I need makeup. I have horrendous bags under my eyes and really dark eye circles. My skin is of an uneven tone, so makeup helps even everything out. Problem is, I haven’t really found the perfect concealer. The closest thing I’ve ever gotten was the concealer from Shu Uemura. It’s expensive though. 🙁 Nothing else seems to be working for me. Yea, Shu FTW!

That’s all I can think of at the top of my head at the moment. Another random point, I couldn’t find the my leggings lady. 🙁 I have no idea where she is and I need to get my leggings, pronto. 🙁 Also, I saw the “My Melody” Pillow Blanket at the pasar malam today!!!!!! I wannnnnttttttt~~~ But the S.O wouldn’t get it cos he said I have no use for it.


But I do have a use for it. I can use it as a pillow to rest my head while in the airplane, and cover myself up if I feel cold. 🙁 Huhuhu…. I’ve been hunting high and low for a nice one since last year and now when I found it, I can’t get it. Being unemployed kinda sucks. T_T


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