Cut it out!

Today was spent sleeping in till 10am (even though I slept at around 10-ish last night as well), having KFC for lunch whilst watching New Moon and heading out for the launch of CutOut Magazine @ Palate Palette.

New Moon kinda sucked (no surprise). I think the only thing that was interesting was Jacob (Taylor Lautner). I mean, I loved the books… but when brought onto silver screen, it kinda sucked ass. :S I would probably watch the last two just because I’ve started watching the first two anyway. Lunch was blah. I think the buns to my Zinger burger was left out for too long. It was no longer nice and fluffy, but instead kinda hard.

As for the event, it was alright. Saw a few familiar faces, met new people and also gave out a few name cards. I’m trying to get them all out! I still have another box and I’ve not gone through this one yet. Cut Out magazine is basically a magazine for the local graphic design scene. But it does touch onto others as well. The S.O bought their first issue and was impressed. I, on the other hand, liked the cover of their upcoming issue. 😛 Will probably sneak a read when he gets the next issue.


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