I have an obsession. Or rather, it came back.

I randomly found out that a girl from my college has a ball jointed doll (BJD) and I got all excited because I’ve always wanted one. Technically, I sorta have one, but meh, I don’t really consider her (yes, my doll is a she) a BJD cos everything is just different. BJDs are usually made out of resin and they are HUGE! Aki (my “kid”) is only 27cm in height. About the height of Barbie but with better joints. 😀

My Obitsu - Aki

I’ve always been fascinated by BJDs and was adamant in getting one about 4 years ago, hence Aki’s “birth”. Sadly, she’s currently clinging onto an unnamed drawing mannequin and I have no idea what to do with her. I really wanna buy her a pair of acrylic eyes but that would mean modifying (or modding) her head by cutting holes for the eyes. But since her face has been terribly stained, I just don’t feel like doing much and instead am tempted in getting a new head to replace this one. :O

Anywayyy, Jin (the girl from college) sorta reignited my interest in BJDs. I would get a whole lot, but they’re expensive. 🙁 Even the littlest ones costs a whooping RM 600 (220 USD) and that does not include the wigs, clothes, makeup and shipping. 0.o Eviiilllll, I tell you.

I’m itching to get one proper BJD, and this time I want it to be a boy. 😀 My dream BJD is a doll named Shall from D.O.D. She’s VERY expensive.T_T So I’ll settle for a little one before moving onto the top guns. I’m eyeing a LUTS Kid Delf boy Bory for now.

LUTS Kid Delf Bory

But after getting him, a wig (don’t want a bald boy, do we now?), and probably some clothes, it would cost about RM 1K. T_T Maybe I won’t get him clothes, but shipping itself is a killer. I have another 2 boys in mind, both from Crobi, but that’ll have to wait until I have a lot of cash to throw about. I mean, I love these dolls don’t get me wrong, but I still find it a little hard to part with almost RM3K for dolls when I could go on a trip with that money. :O I know, my priorities are pretty messed up. When I go crazy over something, I won’t stop until I get it.

Also, I got a separate head (meant for a 60cm doll) with the intentions of getting a body later, but it seems to me that I’m not making progress in that. :S So I’ve probably given up on the idea for the time being. But it has given me a lot of opportunities to practive on doing a faceup (make up). 😀

Unnamed head

I know a lot of people think these dolls are creepy. I think these dolls are as close to anime characters as you can get (in real life, at least) and reborn dolls are creepier. Not to mention porcelain dolls too. :O Unnamed head has a different makeup on now. I’ve yet to take pictures but I think I wanna change it again. -.-”

So yes, I am a geek. 🙂 And somehow I feel that the dolls makes me happy. Can’t wait, need to start saving to get Bory (although I WILL change his name later on. :D) I will be getting another head soon (this time a proper resin head) from Jin. He’s so pretty it’s hard to resist. I can’t wait to do a faceup on him. 😡

ps: All pictures belongs to me except LUTS kid delf boy Bory. 😉


  1. Glo-w: Haha, I knowwwww! Tell that to Danny, though. I keep telling him that he could take doll photography too! (Less demand from the “model anyway). But he says it isn’t his thing. 🙁 But I reeeeaaalllllyyy want one. 🙁

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