Of sickness and health

You know what? I truly do believe that I’ve jinx myself.

It all started when I said I haven’t fallen sick while I was in China. Ta-da! The very next day I started to have the sniffles. A very nice aunty who was on the tour with us mentioned that I might have caught a hay fever.

Right. Hay fever. On the 2nd last day of the tour. Right after I casually mentioned that I didn’t fall sick. >.<!

OMG! Why did I jinx myself?

It’s been a week since I got back, and a week since I’ve been nursing my horrendous cough, flu and unsightly mucus. I’ve been to the doctor and got drugged up on a cocktail of cough mixture, flu meds as well as antibiotics and something for the phlegm. I’m coughing a little less now but my nose is still as blocked as ever.

My throat still hurts a little and I’m out of everything but the cough mixture. >.< Don’t know if I should return to the doctor to re-check my condition. 🙁 I want to be able to taste again!

Note to self: Don’t ever open your big mouth. =.=”

On another note, I’ve started my “beauty” regime again. I would religiously put on a mask every night after showering, but recently I’ve gotten lazy. So I’m thinking of making it a habit again. Think it would do my skin some good since China’s weather was incredibly drying. I started peeling on the 3rd day, and everything went downhill from then.

I liked the weather there, but I just wished that winter wasn’t so dry. Even slathering on tons of moisturizer didn’t really help my poor peeling face. I felt like a snake shedding it’s skin. T_T So yea, trying out the much hyped about “My Beauty Diary” masks in addition with my leftover Joreins mask.

Hope it works. 😀