Random pre-birthday post

Another year older. I can’t believe I’m already 25(!!!). Not till tomoro, at least.

I think as you get older, birthday celebrations mean less.

As you get older, birthday presents become less. Your circle of friends, too, will dwindle.

My birthdays now are usually laid back dinners with a few selected people. No big hoo ha like last time. I wonder when we hit the age of 50, would we be gathering around the round table exchanging stories (like we see most often in Chinese restaurants). Lol.

Scary thought.

I know I’m not making much sense in this post. Just felt like being incoherent and random.

Gonna have my birthday dinner tonight with a couple of people (by a couple, I mean 8). Nothing exciting. Just wanna enjoy each others company and play some Munchkins after that. =.=! I’m becoming such a geek.


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