This rain doesn’t stay mainly in the plain

I have classes 6 days a week. :S It’s screwing up my routine as well as my ability to remember what day it is. =.=” It felt like Friday today and my favourite claypot lo shu fan stall wasn’t open. 🙁 Was disappointed that I couldn’t have that for lunch, though it was soon forgotten with pan mee in the tummy.

Anyway, we did some fashion illustration for our upcoming show in March. Less than a month to complete all our stuff ( cos of the CNY break and all). Also, I got home to discover a HUGE wet stain on the S.O’s side of the bed. My first thought was that he had left his wet towel on the bed again. I told him about it and he was shocked and utterly clueless, until he discovered that our ceiling was leaking due to the rain. =.=”

So we had to dry the mattress with a hair dryer and turned it over ( which means now the wet patch is underneath on my side. :S) Gonna have to call the handy man to come take a look. Maybe it’s time to do some fixing? I would really like to see what it’s like in the ceiling, but maybe I’m better off not knowing. 😛

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