Werk, werk.


It’s incredibly hot today and I’ve got tons of work to finish up. >:( Ah, the never ending cycle.

Got up at 10.30am this morning with a bad neck. 🙁 Sometimes I feel like recording myself when I go to bed just to see how I sleep. The S.O and I went to 1 Utama for lunch and a haircut, for him at least. I wanna grow my hair out. 🙂 Had Paddington’s House of Pancakes. 😀 But I think the quality dropped a little. (for the 1 Utama branch. Don’t know about the one at the Curve, though)

The S.O’s latte was diluted and I think our portion shrunk a little. :O Nevertheless, we were full after lunch. While the S.O had a haircut, I did some shopping. XD Then we went over to Digital Mall to collect his mom’s new phone. :O After that, we came home and I started on homework. T_T

So far, I’m done with two (out of 3) of my pastel drawings. 🙂 Can’t be compared to the lecturer’s work, but I think I did pretty good. *proud* I still have tons of work to do, but I guess a short break won’t kill me. Am thinking of drafting my skirt and blouse tomoro at college since I have to go anyway. :S

Pictures of what I’ve been doing. My bed is my work space. But I do move around if I need space to do different things such as sewing, cutting of fabrics..etc.

Fashion Illustration 01
Fashion Illustration 02

I don’t even have time for Mr. Resin Head. 🙁 I feel bad that he’s lying inside the dark box, but at least he’s protected for now. I’ve been checking out some websites about BJDs, but it just made me realize that technically, Aki isn’t considered a BJD in some of these forums. 🙁 Can’t blame them though. And these sites actually gives some great pointers on how to save up for a doll although some doesn’t quite work here on this site of the hemisphere. 😛

But yes, I shall start on a “Save For MSD BORY Fund” and also probably another 2 funds for the two Crobi lengchais? (good looking boys) I really can’t decide which to get first. I LOVE the Crobi SD and MSD buttttttt, I somehow think that MSD BORY would be a little more realistic in terms of reaching the goal. X3 Omg, give me more paying jobs so I can afford my baby. 🙂

My other “baby” (the S.O) thinks I’m crazy to want to actually spend so much on this. 🙁 Ugh. I just checked the price for both the Crobi boys. The price difference between the two is just 50 USD. :S But still, the price is at least 570 USD (without stuff like wigs and clothes). *sigh* Gambare!

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