It’s official…

…that Fashion students have NO SOCIAL LIFE. =.=” Unless you’re the kind that has fun now and suffer later.

Today my lecturer dumped 800 drawings on us.

800!!!!! Eight freaking hundred drawings!!!!

Okay, to be fair, we got less compared to our 5th semester seniors who previously had to do 1,500 sketches. But we have to use markers for some of our work. *sees money fluttering away* I think I have to change my whole Christmas wishlist to college supplies, especially markers.

Talking bout Christmas wishlists, I got 1 wish today. Went to Amcorp Mall for lunch with the S.O (where I also saw my ex), then decided to hit the Big Bad Books Sale. Bought 9 books and 6 magazines. Total damages, RM 60. 😀 Since it was the last day, all books were going for RM 5, where as the magazines, RM 3. Best deal ever. Titles were limited, so I just got everything that seemed interesting to me. Mostly none familiar authors though.

Parking in Amcorp was crazy today. Took us about half an hour to actually get a parking space. The parking gods are not happy with us today. 🙁 Maybe we maxed out on parking karma. The S.O and I were incredibly hungry but by the time we got a spot and waited for our food, half our stomachs were probably filled with air. =.=” Not to mention I needed to pee badly whilst waiting for a parking spot.

So anyway, I need to leave for practice soon. Tomoro is D-Day, and we need to do a dry run for our fashion show. I don’t feel particularly nervous yet, but my juniors are all brushing up on their makeup skills. XD Wish us all good luck. 😉