Catch that thief

I had a dream this morning.

I got in at 5am, only to see my mom dressed and ready to go. She had with her a large suitcase.

” Where are you going?” I asked her. ” You just got back.”

” I’m going to stay in a hotel,” she said.

I followed her to the lift ( But I don’t live in an apartment!) and watched her go. I turned and head back to the house/room only to see a man standing there with something in his grasp. He rushed to the door as I walked towards it, attempting to block his way to stop him from leaving.

I caught a glimpse of what he held; it was my passport. I grabbed on to a chunk of his flesh and pinched hard. But he was too strong. I clenched my fist and prepared to hit him in the nuts…

Then I woke up. My hand was outstretched with the S.O’s back facing me. It’s a good thing that my hand was inches away from him, else he would have probably gotten a painful wake up call. =.=”

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