Date day and a whole lot of updates

I’m back to blogging again (for a while, at least).

A while back, the S.O won tickets to watch Kick Ass and it was good! So, catch it if you can but I recommend you don’t bring your kids even though its a “superhero type” movie. I know there were a few people who were shocked at the amount of swearing coming out of an 11 year old’s mouth (not to mention she wields knives and other weapons), but I thought that was what made the movie different from all the rest. So yea, *two thumbs up*

4 days ago, the S.O and I discovered something really wrong with our dog, Ginger, the labrador. She’s been having this on going ear infection which kinda makes her stink like crazy. The S.O tried to clean out her ear but discovered something gross. She not only had an ear infection, but also worms (or so we thought then) in them!!! We panicked and wanted to take her to the vet but were unsure if they were still open (it was about 6pm when we found out).

So the S.O had to take her to the vet the day after while I was in college. All’s well now though. The vet had to anesthetize her to remove the fly larvae. When I got home, Ginger was still a little bit disoriented and she had to wear “the cone” which prevents her from scratching the wound. She would come greet me with her usual gusto, but because of the cone, it made it a little hard for her to judge the distance therefore instead of stopping short, she would barge right into me. >.< She’s better now. She’s able to climb and descend the stairs, but we’re not sure if she’s gotten the hang of eating with the cone. :S

Anyway, today the S.O and I went to KLCC for a “date”. Hahaha. We went over to the Kinokuniya bookstore to check if they had this book I wanted. Sadly, they didn’t. So we headed over to the food court for lunch, wanting to eat Korean Fried Rice. But the stall is no longer there! Bummer. In the end, we had lunch at Chinoz @ the Park.

The S.O and I enjoyed lunch very much. He had the Chinoz Burger while I had the Chicken, Leek and Mushroom pie. For RM 29, I say it’s pretty reasonable and the food was great. 😀 I’m still feeling sleepy from such a heavy meal. But our trip to Kinokuniya wasn’t wasted. He got a book he’s been wanting to get and I got a fashion magazine. But we still wanted to try Borders at the Curve to see if they had the book I wanted in stock. Luck was on my side as they did have a copy. 😀 I’m gonna be using that book to work on something for my graduation collection soon. 😀

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