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New kids & other stuff

My doll family grew quite a bit over the past year and I neglected to update, just cos I was busy. *gomen*

I’ve decided to put up Mori (my soom grit/Impl hybrid) for sale, and it was a bit of a tough decision since I do like her face… But I don’t think she’s fitting into the crew that I have now. I’ve also reshelled her as a Bluefairy shiny fairy May, though it is a bit weird having two Moris.



Also, joining the crew is Mika, my Bluefairy Sarang. I’m currently having so much fun sewing for the girls that I’ve sorta neglected the boys. XD I did however updated Yuu’s faceup, so he looks a little bit older now. My boy will be 3 years old this coming July!

Kyou is already 2! XD my, how time flies. I’m hoping to add a SD girl to my crew soon too. So here’s to 2013. 🙂

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I’m sorry for the lack of updates. Things just got so busy with the whole new job, getting married thing that I just didn’t think to stop and write, although there have been a lot of action going on on Twitter & FB. 😛

So last Saturday was THE big day. I had to stay over at the hotel the night before because instead of the groom picking the bride up at her home, we decided that it would be less of a mess picking me up from the hotel. The room I got was incredibly large with a great view of the KL Tower!

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Look what Mori got.


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New addition to the family

As some of you may know, I got my first resin kid (Yuu) back in July 2010. Then recently, I also completed his brother, Kyou. I would like to welcome a new addition – Mori. She’s my first tiny doll (26cm!) and my first girl. Having a girl at home is fun cos I get to make all sorts of clothes. 😀 In fact, I’ve been on a sewing frenzy (when I’m suppose to do my work, no less).

I’d definitely want to bring more girls home. They’re so fun to sew for. 🙂 Gah, she’s so cute! *pinch*

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It’s that time again

Just realized that my birthday is in 13 (well, 12 by the time this is posted) days!

Haven’t really thought about what I wanna do this year, but I do know that I would like to just be away for the weekend since the 4th is on a Monday (boo!) A short getaway perhaps? Gotta ask the Bf.

Also, I’ve been thinking of getting a ferret. :p Not anytime soon though, since we don’t really have the space for one (a comfortable cage is HUGE!) I just think they’re pretty cute. 😀 and probably more sociable compared to a cat? I do like cats, but having dogs at home complicates things (case 1: my dogs’ encounter with my part time cat)

Am working hard on my competition entries. Today I spent the day sewing nettings and attaching/ detaching them, just to see if it fits/ looks good. A lil bit worried though since there are no pre-fitting sessions. 🙁


Gotta try working at a faster pace.

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Kyou’s faceup v.2

Dolly under the cut.

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Kyou’s faceup v.1

The following post is about my doll. I tend to refer to him as a living thing, so if you’re uncomfortable with that, you’re more than welcome to leave. 🙂

More after the jump.

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I only had one comment on who would like to see moar Bjds here on this blog. 🙁 *is sad*

Nevermind, as long as there’s a willing person. Wahahaha.

So last night I finished the mini hat for Haku. He looks happy, or is it a smirk?

Haku smirking

3/4 profile

So, what do you think? 😀

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I’m expecting…!

the stomping of little feet next month! XD

I’ve finally decided to bring the little boy home and am gonna order him next week (on the 1st of June!!!) Wahahaha. So excited. I can’t sit still!

I can’t wait for June to arrive. But yet, I also dread it cos of all the assessments/assignments/exams. X( But I do hope that when it’ll all over, I don’t have to think about work and enjoy my month long break. 🙂

I actually have another blog specifically for my doll hobby, but I don’t know if I should post it here as well. :S We’ll let the comments decide it. 😀 (if there’s any) Since I know some people might be a tad uncomfortable with these dolls. 😛

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Random knitting project

Took a break from doing my assignments yesterday and ended up knitting something fairly random. Knitting is something fun to do and I was extremely excited in starting a mini project. I knitted a scarf.

Not just any scarf, mind you. A scarf for BJDs. 😀 Since I didn’t own any at the moment, I decided to knit one for Azure (Jin’s little boy). Funnily enough, I decided on a blue yarn before I knew it was Azure’s favourite color. :3 Took me a while to knit it and as I went along, I kinda got bored of the whole repetitive-ness of it and my hands started cramping up. =.=” But it’s finished!

I’m pretty proud of myself. *super proud* It’s a little messed up, but I guess it isn’t all that obvious. (I hope). So without stalling any further, here are the pictures of the finished product. I think Mr. Resin Head looks dashing in it. 😉

Mr. Resin Head

For some odd reason, he seems a little temperamental. 🙁 Think it’s cos he’s been stuck in the box for too long.

I see a little smile

Okay. So that’s it for my little project. 🙂 Am gonna try to learn how to make a sweater next. 😀