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It’s that time again

Just realized that my birthday is in 13 (well, 12 by the time this is posted) days!

Haven’t really thought about what I wanna do this year, but I do know that I would like to just be away for the weekend since the 4th is on a Monday (boo!) A short getaway perhaps? Gotta ask the Bf.

Also, I’ve been thinking of getting a ferret. :p Not anytime soon though, since we don’t really have the space for one (a comfortable cage is HUGE!) I just think they’re pretty cute. 😀 and probably more sociable compared to a cat? I do like cats, but having dogs at home complicates things (case 1: my dogs’ encounter with my part time cat)

Am working hard on my competition entries. Today I spent the day sewing nettings and attaching/ detaching them, just to see if it fits/ looks good. A lil bit worried though since there are no pre-fitting sessions. 🙁


Gotta try working at a faster pace.

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Man, my last entry was sometime in January. 😮

Oops… My bad. I’ve been meaning to do an update but somehow I got lost in the real world. Right now I am blogging on my IPhone.

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Werk, werk.


It’s incredibly hot today and I’ve got tons of work to finish up. >:( Ah, the never ending cycle.

Got up at 10.30am this morning with a bad neck. 🙁 Sometimes I feel like recording myself when I go to bed just to see how I sleep. The S.O and I went to 1 Utama for lunch and a haircut, for him at least. I wanna grow my hair out. 🙂 Had Paddington’s House of Pancakes. 😀 But I think the quality dropped a little. (for the 1 Utama branch. Don’t know about the one at the Curve, though)

The S.O’s latte was diluted and I think our portion shrunk a little. :O Nevertheless, we were full after lunch. While the S.O had a haircut, I did some shopping. XD Then we went over to Digital Mall to collect his mom’s new phone. :O After that, we came home and I started on homework. T_T

So far, I’m done with two (out of 3) of my pastel drawings. 🙂 Can’t be compared to the lecturer’s work, but I think I did pretty good. *proud* I still have tons of work to do, but I guess a short break won’t kill me. Am thinking of drafting my skirt and blouse tomoro at college since I have to go anyway. :S

Pictures of what I’ve been doing. My bed is my work space. But I do move around if I need space to do different things such as sewing, cutting of fabrics..etc.

Fashion Illustration 01
Fashion Illustration 02

I don’t even have time for Mr. Resin Head. 🙁 I feel bad that he’s lying inside the dark box, but at least he’s protected for now. I’ve been checking out some websites about BJDs, but it just made me realize that technically, Aki isn’t considered a BJD in some of these forums. 🙁 Can’t blame them though. And these sites actually gives some great pointers on how to save up for a doll although some doesn’t quite work here on this site of the hemisphere. 😛

But yes, I shall start on a “Save For MSD BORY Fund” and also probably another 2 funds for the two Crobi lengchais? (good looking boys) I really can’t decide which to get first. I LOVE the Crobi SD and MSD buttttttt, I somehow think that MSD BORY would be a little more realistic in terms of reaching the goal. X3 Omg, give me more paying jobs so I can afford my baby. 🙂

My other “baby” (the S.O) thinks I’m crazy to want to actually spend so much on this. 🙁 Ugh. I just checked the price for both the Crobi boys. The price difference between the two is just 50 USD. :S But still, the price is at least 570 USD (without stuff like wigs and clothes). *sigh* Gambare!

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Was at Stylo’s Opening Gala last night. As usual, a last minute invitation from our lecturer and I was feeling ready to get all dolled up. But at the last minute, I kinda felt like I didn’t wanna go. (aiya, blame old age) But I went anyway.

It was definitely a different feeling as the last time I was at a Stylo event, it was to “volunteer” to become kuli (slave?). Everyone was glamorous, saw some datuk-datuks and datins-datins. Location wise, I felt it was a little obscure. Easy to get to, sure (via Googlemap) but it isn’t a place I would really go to.

On a good note, Stylo’s planning to open up an academy some time this year. Yay!

The night had Datuk Nancy Yeoh giving her speech and fashion shows by Khoon Hooi, Jendela KL and Bill Keith. It was also Kavita Sidhu’s debut as a fashion designer. I liked the colors presented in her garments, but I kinda thought the designs were, ordinary. Sure, they were very ready to wear, but it didn’t really catch my attention. I guess I like things that makes you wonder how it was made.

I found Khoon Hooi’s design very pretty and I liked the prints on Jendela KL’s designs. Bill Keith’s designs were based on the peranakan culture but what was interesting was the masks that lit up (via LED). He also had a performer sing throughout his show, and all I can say was it was horrible. She was attempting to sing Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance and I think it went horribly wrong. She messed up the lyrics and was lip-syncing/out of breath most times too. :S

And this morning it was the competition for the young designers. I was there with the rest of the fashion students to support our senior who was one of the finalist. 7 finalists (2 from Raffles, Lim Kok Wing, SML, MIA, TAR and PJCAD) were picked out of god knows how many entries they had, and I liked some of the other students’ work. Some were good, some were just… :S

Results will only be revealed on the last day of Stylo and all the young designers will be able to parade their designs in front of a  bigger audience. My battery ran out of memory when I was busy taking videos of some of the garments. :S So sad.

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Knitting up a storm

Okay. Knitting is ADDICTIVE!

I can’t seem to stop knitting, which is a good thing I suppose, because then I’m able to finish of my class assignment. Yay!

Contrary to popular belief that knitting is for the oldies, I’ve seen men (even young boys) knitting. It’s a weird sight, but still. It’s not limited to just one age or gender category. Besides, I find that knitting can sometimes be relaxing and it gives your idle hands something to do. Especially during times which you have to wait ( traffic jam = wait, queuing = wait, waiting for mom/dad/sibling/bf/gf = wait again). Get the picture?

Anyway, I’ve got my new baby! Yes! No more reciting Blackberry mantras! Downside, I don’t have the Blackberry plan. So I can’t do stuff like BBM (Blackberry messenger), check emails, surf the net… 🙁 Wait, maybe I can still surf the net, with the home wifi. =.=” Defeats the purpose of actually getting the BB, but oh well, one step forward, two steps back.

BUT, I am very happy. It’s my birthday present from the S.O and my brother. And I can always get the plan later, when I start my internship cos I foresee a lot of messaging and checking of emails, and making calls. Then, the plan would come in handy. The S.O thinks that getting the plan for me at the moment kinda makes no sense since I’m on RM 30 prepaid, and I barely use it all. Maybe I should start making more calls? 😛

It’s the Blackberry 9700 aka BB Bold II. I’m not using it at the moment because I want to get a screen protector first, and a nice looking cover to protect the phone. This is my most expensive phone to date so of course I would wanna “jaga” it a little. Plus, the S.O wants me to read the manual before actually using it. :S

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Blue and yellow, hello!

Been busy.

Holiday’s over.

Tons of illustrations to finish up.

Going mad.

Made a dress for my class project. It’s blue and yellow satin with fuchsia lining! Talk about striking.

Need to learn how to knit for the 2nd half of my textile class. My knitting book doesn’t really help. 🙁

Am getting commission for work. 🙂 It’s good and bad, I guess. Good – spreading by word of mouth. Bad – No time, since I AM currently attempting to juggle my studies and earning some money.

Will FINALLY be getting what I’ve always wanted. *Super happy* Early birthday gift from the S.O. <3

Close to being another year older and maybe another year wiser? Close to graduating. WANT to study abroad to widen my horizon. Hope to get some sorta scholarship.

Will now leave you with a picture of said dress. One lecturer said it wasn’t very nice because of the fabric used. I think it looks nice. Hmph. He thinks using satin makes everything look cheap. But I say it depends.

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Edward Scissorhands

Good day my pretties.

I know I haven’t exactly been a good blogger, but what can I do when I was up till my eyeballs in work. =.=”

Anyway, it’s FINALLY OVER! 3 whole months (okay la, only 1 month) of preparation and going insane (from sewing) finally boiled down to one night – and sadly, it was a night I couldn’t remember. Maybe it was because of all the exhaustion that I couldn’t really enjoy myself. I only had 3 hours of sleep prior to the fashion show. Some barely slept at all. o.O

May I present to you, my illustrations for the fashion show. My group was required to create 2 garments (avant garde & evening wear) where as the senior group did ready to wear.

Evening wear

Avant Garde

We also had to make our own heels to go with our garments. I love the shoe, but too bad it isn’t in my size. 🙁 The models average shoe sizes are 8 or 9. I’m only a 5. These are 5 inch heels with hidden platform.

5" heels

My classmate Nazwa, who is from Maldives, together with our two juniors Karyna & Vicky. Can’t remember if this was before or after judging – at the Green room.

For our show, we had the juniors help us backstage. Below is Aam and Nadiah. Aam was helping Nadiah as a dresser for the night.

We were bored. So we snapped pictures. This is Dayana. Sue Jean was sitting beside Dayana and she’s not in the picture cos she wasn’t feeling well. 🙁

Something funny happened that night. Nelly ( a classmate) and I had some sort of “connection” that somehow or rather, we ended up in the same shade of blue dress, a white belt and black gladiator heels. Thank goodness I didn’t have red hair and wasn’t wearing blue eyeshadow. LoL. Else, someone might have mistaken us as promoters or something. =.=”

My evening dress modeled by Dawn, together with my two assistants, Felicia and Kelvin. Incidentally, Kelvin is a year younger than I am, plus we both share the same surname too!

My avant garde dress modeled by Weena. She’s nice. 🙂

So yea. This is over and done with. Bring on the normal classes and homework. =.=! We’re already wayyyyyyy behind in class because of this project. I guess the next fashion show for me would be either my graduation work or maybe the Singapore Fashion Week. 😀

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Goodbye, McQueen

Something caught my eye as I surfed the net this morning. I thought it was some sick joke, but it wasn’t.

Alexander McQueen is dead. 🙁

I’m devastated. May he rest in peace.

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This rain doesn’t stay mainly in the plain

I have classes 6 days a week. :S It’s screwing up my routine as well as my ability to remember what day it is. =.=” It felt like Friday today and my favourite claypot lo shu fan stall wasn’t open. 🙁 Was disappointed that I couldn’t have that for lunch, though it was soon forgotten with pan mee in the tummy.

Anyway, we did some fashion illustration for our upcoming show in March. Less than a month to complete all our stuff ( cos of the CNY break and all). Also, I got home to discover a HUGE wet stain on the S.O’s side of the bed. My first thought was that he had left his wet towel on the bed again. I told him about it and he was shocked and utterly clueless, until he discovered that our ceiling was leaking due to the rain. =.=”

So we had to dry the mattress with a hair dryer and turned it over ( which means now the wet patch is underneath on my side. :S) Gonna have to call the handy man to come take a look. Maybe it’s time to do some fixing? I would really like to see what it’s like in the ceiling, but maybe I’m better off not knowing. 😛

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Weekend Madness

Last weekend was an incredibly busy one.

Headed down to Malacca for a day trip on Saturday. Didn’t do much but visited Mahkota Parade and the Pahlawan square place. It was like a mini Sg. Wang there. :S The S.O wasn’t too happy that they “destroyed” a historical landmark by elevating it and building a shopping/food place under it. I don’t quite remember that particular spot cos the last time I went to Malacca was almost 13 years back. o.O

Walked around Jonker street in the afternoon sun. Nothing much to buy. Wanted to have chicken rice balls, but couldn’t cos we were full from lunch and the shop was closed by the time we were prepared to “tapau” and leave. 🙁 But we did have yummeh ice kacang and cendol. Perhaps they should mix the mango bits with the cendol rather than having it on the ice kacang? XD

Sunday was spent attending Lilian Too’s Feng Shui Extravaganza at KLCC (the convention center). Incidentally, the Star Education Fair was also happening. Tons of people during lunch but we managed to snag a spot at Kenny Rogers before it got packed. Got hit by broken glass, luckily I was wearing stockings, so no injuries.

Today is the first day of the new semester. *monotonous* weeeeeee~

Got a nice pressie from Jakarta. 😀 Love the new necklace. Am not prepared for the new semester. I feel like I’m gasping for air. Maybe as time progresses, I’ll get into the groove of things again. Busy Busy! We finally got our own room albeit small. Got chased out of the bigger fashion room to make way for the new intake.